Welcome to the CPS Blog!

The CPS Blog is an online platform where faculty, practitioners, students and staff affiliated with the Center for Public Service (CPS) at Portland State University share thoughts, insights and project results that are relevant to the CPS vision “to enhance the legitimacy of—and citizen trust in—public service institutions and the people who work in them.” We intend for the CPS Blog to document and share the work and learning of CPS members in order to further facilitate innovation and collaborative partnerships in public service.

At last count, CPS Connect—the forum for CPS faculty and practitioners to share current research projects and create ideas for new projects—had over forty members. The CPS Blog is a centralized and accessible venue for CPS Connect members to publish their thoughts and ideas regarding Connecting Theory to Practice, Promoting the Public Good, and Searching for Solutions in public service. Together, we hope to help our faculty, students, and practitioners network and learn from one another in order to continue to push the envelope on innovation in public service.

Three types of topics and contents are featured in the CPS Blog.

  1. Connect theory to practice

The blog postings examine and explore theories and frameworks that are useful in analyzing and developing meaningful public service practices and policies. They address and highlight the connection between theory and practice.

  1. Promote public good

The blog postings provide descriptions of CPS projects and elaborate how the projects contribute to enhancing legitimacy and trust in public institutions and promote public good.

  1. Search for Solutions

The blog postings present research findings, project results and promising practices that provide solutions to the challenges public service institutions and the people who work in them face.

Submission and Review

Anyone who is affiliated with CPS can submit a blog posting. The blog posting draft should be submitted to Sara Friedman, managing editor of CPS Blog via this link.

Suggested length of postings is 500 to 1,000 words.

Contact Masami Nishishiba (nishism@pdx.edu) or Jennifer Martinez (mar36@pdx.edu) for any questions related to CPS Blog.

CPS Blog editorial team (Masami Nishishiba, editor/ Jennifer Martinez, managing editor) will review the blog posting draft for content and style. The CPS editorial team may suggest revisions to the author(s) before posting.